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What must I include on e-mail sent out?

All communications sent should comply with all applicable law. In the UK this includes the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002 and Companies House Acts.

For example:

"A service provider shall ensure that any commercial communication provided by him and which constitutes or forms part of an information society service shall—

(a) be clearly identifiable as a commercial communication;

(b) clearly identify the person on whose behalf the commercial communication is made;

(c) clearly identify as such any promotional offer (including any discount, premium or gift) and ensure that any conditions which must be met to qualify for it are easily accessible, and presented clearly and unambiguously; and

(d) clearly identify as such any promotional competition or game and ensure that any conditions for participation are easily accessible and presented clearly and unambiguously."

In addition, the Companies Act requires all business emails sent by a corporation to include the following information:

- company name;

- company registration number;

- place of registration; and

- registered office address.

We require you to ensure you have used "Opt In" methods to obtain consent to send such communications.

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