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I receive the error "The following remoteapp program is not in the list of authorized programs: " on Windows XP

This is because you're using a version of Windows XP and components within it that are too old to access Agility Desktop.

Agility Desktop requires:

- Windows XP Service Pack 3
(versions before this are no longer supported by Microsoft or our services)

To check the service pack, click Start > Right click on "My Computer" and choose Properties. Look under "system" - it should say "Version 2002, Service Pack 3"

If you do not have Service Pack 3, you can download it here:

- Remote Desktop Client 7.0 or above
(From 1st March, you must have this version or above)

You can download this from the Microsoft site here:

- Network Level Authentication must be enabled (CredSSP)

To check this, click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection, then click the little computer icon in the title bar, left of the words "remote desktop connection", then choose "about", or "help > about". If it says "Network Level Authentication not supported" or has no reference to this at all, you need to enable it (you must have the newer client and Service Pack 3 as above).

You can enable this by using the "Microsoft Fix It" tool here:

If you have met all of these requirements, and still cannot connect, please contact our Support Team

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