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I cannot connect to Agility Desktop, what can I do?

If you're unable to reconnect to the Agility Desktop service, there might be a few reasons and ways you can fix this yourself.

Step 1 - Check you have Internet Access

If you're not using the same computer to access Agility Desktop as the one you're reading this on, it's worth checking your issue isn't just that you have no Internet Access. Try opening a Web Browser, like Internet Explorer and visiting a popular site - like

If you aren't able to do this, you won't be able to access Agility Desktop. Please note that if you're using a Wi-Fi Hotspot (such as at a Hotel, Airport or Café), you may need to visit a normal web page and complete the "log on" process they require before you have enough Internet Access to use Agility Desktop.

Step 2 - Manually Disconnect yourself

To do this, find the "Remoteapp and Desktop Connections" icon - it is usually located near the clock in the bottom right hand corner - if you hover over the icon (that looks like a computer with 2 green arrows in a circle) you'll see it says "<connected to/disconnected from> RemoteApp and Desktop Connections". You might need to click a small down arrow before you see all icons.

If you're not already showing as disconnected, try doing so - sometimes your computer will actually be disconnected but not think it is, preventing you logging back in.

Step 3 - Reboot your Computer

Although it's a typical IT Support answer, it might be worth just quickly rebooting your computer - this can solve quite a few odd issues where the issue is trivial and is generally quicker than troubleshooting when you want to get yourself back online - so please do try "turning it off and on again"

Step 4 - Use "My Agility Desktop" to Log yourself Out.

You can also try logging into the "My Agility Desktop" site which has a feature allowing you to log yourself out of the system - this will end your session on our systems. Please be aware that any unsaved work would be lost and your applications terminated, so use only if you've checked everything else.

Log in at:

...Sign In (with your normal Agility Username/Password), then choose "Reset my Agility Desktop session").

Step 5 - Check our Service Status Page

If you think the reason you cannot connect might be due to a service issue under our control, you can check our Service Status Page or Twitter Status pages. These can be found at:

Step 6 - If all else fails..

If nothing above has helped, then you'll need to contact our Technical Support Team for further assistance as the chances are you have an unusual problem that will need our help. In the meanwhile, if you also subscribe to Agility Mail, don't forget you can at least access your e-mail - either on a smartphone or tablet if you've configured it, or using a Web Browser and going to:

...again use your normal Agility Username and Password. This will at least give you some access to the basics until your issue can be fixed and some customers find it helpful to have this option.

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