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What FTP Software should I use?

We don't specify any particular FTP Package - most standards compliant products should work just fine.

For Windows Users, FTP Voyager is a good example of a paid for product that works well and has a large number of features you can take advantage of. For free, there is the popular FileZilla client, although we advise caution when downloading it as unless you choose custom installations and are careful, you'll get a load of other rubbish installed you won't want.

For Mac Users, Filezilla is also available for OS X - as long as you have OS X 10.7 or higher. Please be aware that we have had isolated reports of some FTP clients (such as "Transmit" used by tools such as Coda) on Mac that seem intermittent or will not work - but switching to FileZilla solves it. We haven't investigated this any further, but if you are having problems, please try FileZilla before contacting our support team to rule out your software.

ALL USERS: Please note that you should ensure you don't make more than 6 simultaneous connections to an FTP host on our network - most software does less than this, but with FileZilla in particular, it is an option you can configure in the "Transfer Settings" for the FTP Login.

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