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How much e-mail can I store on my Windows Hosting Package?

Our Windows Web Hosting Packages often include additional e-mail accounts - for most purposes the specification is similar to our standalone "E-Mail Essentials" range.

For storage of e-mails, each mailbox allows either 100MB or 200MB total (this may depend on how old your account with us is). Please remember that as this is a POP-3 mail service, it is not designed for long term storage - just messages you've not yet received on your computer. In exceptional cases we may allow larger amounts of storage, please contact our Support Team for more information.

If you need to store large amounts of e-mail for a long time, and need to access on multiple devices (laptops, tablets, phones, etc) then our Agility Mail service is better suited to your needs and can store up to 10GB of e-mail per mailbox.

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