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I was FTPing some files and all of a sudden I can't access FTP or my web site, why?

This can happen if you breach the security limits designed to reduce the ability to attack our Linux Web Hosting Servers. It can happen where you make many simultaneous connections to a single FTP server at once.

By default, some clients will create multiple connections - this allows them to download more than one file at once - speeding up the overall time it takes when downloading lots of files - particularly lots of small files like you find on a typical web site. However, if it's too aggressive and/or makes too many connections, it can trigger our security systems.

if you do hit those limits, our systems temporarily block you from accessing the server entirely - this includes access to your cPanel account, the web site and the e-mail services on it where relevant (note: this doesn't stop other people viewing your web site, just those on the same internet connection as you). Normally this clears after a time - unless you persistently do it in which case you may need to contact our support team.

Accordingly, we advise you ensure that you do not make more than 6 simultaneous FTP connections to any Linux Server with us. All clients we've seen with this functionality allow you to disable it altogether or set a limit.

If you use Filezilla, which is a very popular client, you can configure in the "Transfer Settings" for the FTP Login in question - by default no limit is set.

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