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Domain Names - Transferring Domains
How to move domain names to VPW IT Services

How do I transfer a domain name from UK2.NET to VPW?

Good question. In general terms, the transfer process for domain names is pretty standard between providers. However UK2.NET are a difficult provider to move domain names from.

If you want to try and complete the move process yourself, the first thing you need to know is how to start the process - you need to know the web address for full transfers because this feature is NOT in the normal control panel. That web address is:

OR you can also try:

Then you need to order what they call a "Cyber Transfer Out"

However we know many of our customers do struggle with transfers from this provider, and we offer assisted setup for these cases. In many situations we'll do this additional transfer work for you free to help you move to our services. If we do charge, it will be a nominal fee from us to cover our administrative time.

(Remember, your normal domain transfer charges would apply as with any other provider)

Please contact our Customer Services team if you require assistance with domain name transfers.

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