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Domain Names - Transferring Domains
How to move domain names to VPW IT Services

How do I transfer a domain from 123-REG to VPWSYS?

For .uk domain names, the easiest way is often to change the TAG to ours - which is "VPWSYS" which can be done via the 123-reg control panel.

Alternatively, if you have a number of domain names, you could bulk transfer them for less using the Nominet Registrants Online facility (ask our team if you'd like help with this).

In a few cases, we can also help you with an inter-account transfer, and then we'll migrate the domain to us and charge you for a transfer fee (where relevant) to save you needing to deal with both companies. Ask our Customer Service team for help.

If you have non .uk domain names with 123-reg you can also transfer them to us using the internal transfer feature with 123-reg - we'll then complete the full transfer for you. Please contact our Technical Support Team for further assistance.

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