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Domain Names - Transferring Domains
How to move domain names to VPW IT Services

How do I transfer a domain name AWAY from VPWSYS?

If you wish to move your Domain Name entirely away from VPW Systems, you'll need to follow our transfer our procedure, which is detailed below. Before you do this though, we recommend you consider:

(a) Asking for just the relevant records to be changed - for example, if you're using our E-Mail Services, but want someone else to look after the Web Site, this can be done by having just those records changed.

(b) Asking for us to change the nameservers - this will allow you to have someone else manage the day to day use of the domain, but we'll just continue to bill you as/when the domain name itself is due for renewal.

In both above cases, this can be done by contacting our Support Team, and there is usually no charge for this type of change.

HOWEVER, if you do wish to FULLY transfer your domain name away, you'll need to follow this guide:

(a) Raise a Ticket with our Customer Services Team

See: - "for anything else"

(b) Provide formal notification in WRITING:

To do this, you need to:

Write to "VPW Systems (UK) Ltd, Customer Services, 6-7 Southernhay West, Exeter, Devon, EX1 1JG" stating you want to transfer, provide the new provider (ISP) details

NOTE: We cannot accept transfer requests by e-mail or by phone for security reasons due to the number of fraudulent and accidental requests we receive.

You must also confirm that you understand that by transferring any services we provide will stop operating once the transfer has been made. For technical reasons, we do not permit domains to be held elsewhere when using many of our services.

(c) Be aware that;

You are unable to transfer a domain that is less than 30 days from it's renewal date, or registered less than 60 days ago due to registry restrictions in many cases (this is beyond our control).

(d) Pay the Administrative Charge

You'll need to pay the administrative charge - typically around £5.00 to £10.00 per domain name excluding VAT - before we'll complete the termination processes - and we recommend to avoid delay you pay by Credit or Debit card by phone.

Once we have:

- Received your formal written confirmation
- Received any transfer charges and/or cease charges

We will:

- Issue an Auth Code for any domain(s) using this system (to the primary contact on your account via e-mail)

- Unlock the domain(s) (where relevant)

- For standard .uk domain names, we'll transfer to the tag you provided

- For those using auth codes, our system will acknowledge the transfer within the 5 days once you've requested it.

Understand that:

- For standard .uk domain names, our services stop within 48 hours of the tag change, unless you have agreed for us to provide DNS and Services beyond this period (this is not technically possible for some types of service)

- For other domains, once we have received notification that the transfer has completed, our service will end 48 hours later at most.

- If you transfer your domain by any other means, any services we provide will immediately be terminated. Except by special arrangement, you cannot hold a domain name with an alternative provider and use our services due to the way our platform operates.

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