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Domain Names - Registering and Renewing Domains
How to register domain names, how registrations work and how to make changes to your Domain Name

How long before my domain name expires should I pay you?

As soon as possible is the short answer - it's always best to ensure you have allowed plenty of time for receipt, processing and renewal - and allowed for something to go wrong to minimise the risk of a problem.

In all cases, if you make a payment to us that is less than 7 working days before your domain renewal, there is a chance it may not be received and processed - especially for a cheque payment since it could be delayed in the post, and must be processed and accepted by your bank first. Equally, we have had instances where someone sends us payment, but forgets to sign or date a cheque for example so leaving it to the last minute is a risky business.

We always recommend you pay us via Bank Transfer - or call us and pay on a Credit or Debit card especially if it's getting a little close to the renewal date.

Please note that if we do not receive the payment BEFORE the expiry date, it will not be our responsibility, in any way to pay any reconnection, redemption or other charges relating to the domain name or any other service or impact as a result.

Except for exceptional circumstances (such as a domain recently moved to us near renewal dates, or where they're special case domain names), you should normally expect us to invoice you in the month BEFORE the domain name is due - but ultimately ensuring you know when your domain renewals are due is your responsibility and you should not rely on receipt of an invoice - like any other communication this could be delayed, lost or not received for all manner of reasons, many of which VPW Systems will have no knowledge or control over. Regrettably, whilst we would like to contact all customers by phone with outstanding renewals, the sheer volume of domain names held makes this infeasible.

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