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Domain Names - Registering and Renewing Domains
How to register domain names, how registrations work and how to make changes to your Domain Name

What happens when my domain is due for renewal?

Most domain names are renewed every 2 years (there are some exceptions to this - some can be longer and some are shorter), and the renewal date is from the first time the domain was registered by you - not from when you moved a domain to us (where relevant).

To make sure you have plenty of time to process a renewal, we issue invoices that notify you also of the forthcoming expiry in the month prior to the renewal month - so if your domain name was due to expire on 14th April, you could expect to receive your renewal notice & invoice on/around April 1st to April 4th. There may be exceptions to this in special circumstances - for example if you transferred a domain name into us recently and it would thus not be possible to go back in time to provide further notice. Usually, in those cases we'd discuss renewal with you as part of the transfer in process.

Unless you positively make payment, we will consider that you do not wish to renew your domain name (known as "positive renewals") - and once it reaches the expiry date, the usual process will apply for suspension or ultimately cancellation of the domain name - this process does vary by domain registry.

Please note that if a domain name has reached the expiry date, you may be charged by us and/or the registry for restoring the domain name back to you, but you should note that no right to do this exists with some registries, and it is therefore advisable you make sure you diarise expiry dates and renew domain names you wish to keep well in advance.

You may renew your domain name(s) early with us if you wish - this is possible for almost all domain name types.

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