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Domain Names - Registering and Renewing Domains
How to register domain names, how registrations work and how to make changes to your Domain Name

You've told my domain has expired, but it shows as registered for another year, why?

The chances are you're referring to a non .uk domain name. When they reach expiry, they're normally placed in a state known as redemption.

This temporarily adds 1 year to the domain registration, however the services you had on it (whether supplied by us or another party) will stop working.

Domain Names are registered for a fixed period of time, generally 2 years. If you have not paid us for renewal BEFORE the expiry date, it stops working. If this is not a .uk domain name, it will normally (but not always) go into redemption.

At this point, you have technically lost your right to the domain name. The registries offer a "redemption period" to allow you to claim it back - but they attach a cost to this (which is normally several times the normal cost of renewal). You would then need to pay us for this, plus the normal renewal plus our admin charge to redeem it.

We require payment to be received by is BEFORE we'll attempt redemption (the quickest way is to pay us using Credit/Debit Card over the phone).

Since the costs vary, and the process can also be different if you believe this is the situation with your name you should contact our Customer Services Team for guidance.

We are unable to waive or lower any redemption costs as these are passed to us by the registries. Please remember also that we invoice our customers significantly in advance of expiry to ensure you have every opportunity to renew your domain name(s), and that you are ultimately responsible for keeping track of your expiry dates.

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