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Web Site Hosting - Databases & SQL (Microsoft SQL)
Help using Microsoft SQL Server, understanding your Login Details and making changes to your database

I have received my welcome e-mail, but there are 2 username/password details, why?

We configure 2 sets of logins for different purposes. This is to help protect your Database against abuse and prevent unauthorised tampering. Your first login is known as the "SQLAdmin" Login, and is to be used when working with SQL Enterprise Manager or Management Studio, and gives you DBO rights to administer your database as you need to.

The second login, "WebUser" is designed to use within your Web Pages to call the SQL Server from within your ASP/ASP.NET Code. This login has the ability to read and write records (known as "datareader" and "datawriter"), but cannot alter the structure etc and has no special rights. You MUST use this login when calling pages on your Web Site to aid with security. We may suspend your account if we believe the wrong logins are being used and threatening the overall security of our services.

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