Lax BYOD Rules Risk Data Loss Says ICO

20th April 2013

A YouGov survey, commissioned by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), recently found that many businesses in the UK are failing to provide proper guidelines for using personal devices at work, putting network security and personal information at risk.

Nearly half the adults questioned by the survey had taken part in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programmes, but only one third of those had been given any guidance by their employers. The survey also looked into uses of the devices at work, showing that email was the most common use – with 55% of people using their smart phones or laptops for work related emails. For example, this can lead to Data Loss because of the lack of backups, or data being mislaid and given to competitors - particularly if a departing employee still has access to data.

The area of most concern for the ICO, however, was using BYOD for sensitive work information, 37% of devices were used to edit work documents and 36% used to store work documents.

The ICO is hoping to raise awareness of these risks, encouraging businesses to seek out specalist guidance from local IT support specialists, such as VPW North Devon computer services, to help create guidelines for employees and help save small business from data loss. VPW help customers every day protect against the risks with it's range of services designed to Protect Small Business IT.

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