Protection and Security for your IT

If you've only got budget to invest in professional help in one area of your IT, make it protection and security. Just stop for a second and consider the business implications of lost data, failed systems or a virus attack… doesn't bear thinking about, does it? Fortunately, VPW is here to help with a full range of anti-virus products, firewall solutions and backup services.

Anti-Virus Protection

If a serious virus gets into your system, the results can be devastating. Loss of productivity, income and credibility is seriously disruptive – and can have a real impact on your bottom line. Worse still, if you're in a sector where data protection is a matter of compliance, not just common sense. VPW offers a full range of anti-virus software, and can even help if you've left it too late.
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Anti-Virus Protection

Small Business Backup

If you lose your hardware through theft or accident, it's easy enough to replace the kit – but what about all the precious files and information it contains? Don't risk loss of valuable data by not investing in an automatic backup from VPW… you needn't lift a finger and you can rest assured that your files are safely stored with us.
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Firewalls & Network Security

We can protect your entire network with tailored anti-virus software, keeping your data safe and secure. We can also set up firewalls to protect your connection from abuse – so whether you want to restrict Facebook in work time or put a limit on downloads, we can help.
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