Public Sector Should Upgrade Hardware More Often

5th April 2013

Professor Ian Bitterlin, a consulting engineer and a datacentre energy expert at the Datacentre World 2013 event, recently commented on the state of datacentre hardware in the UK's public sector, saying that businesses should be refreshing this hardware every few years, like Google and Facebook, to take advantage of improved IT efficiency and reduced power consumption.

The professor from Leeds University went on to highlight the fact that when server hardware is over three years old, it starts suffering from corrosion and condensation issues, which reduces the datacentre's productivity, along with losing on the benefits of newer technology. Companies like Facebook and Google aggressively refresh server hardware, sometimes upgrading every nine months, which leads to large savings in the long run.

The problem is not faced as often by smaller businesses, but refreshing hardware is still important and easily done via your local Taunton IT and computer support. We regularly help customers throughout Devon and Somerset to move forwards, replacing old "Small Business Servers" dating from 2001-2006 and well beyond a reasonable life span. Working with the team at VPW, we'll help you ensure the upgrade gives you better business productivity in measurable, real world scenarios all backed by our IT Support Plans.

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