On-Premises Server Systems & Hardware

What is it?

In-office servers vary depending on your needs – from a designated PC right up to more powerful, complex, bespoke solutions. Generally, they act as the ‘brain' of your network, the place where all the data and information your organisation uses is stored. They can also be used to run very specific systems or processes within larger organisations, managing stock control or storing and managing customer accounts.

My business is specialised and has very specific requirements, so it makes sense to keep our servers in-house. VPW made the supply and installation process fast and easy, and the new server integrated with ease and works incredibly quickly – I've already seen a difference in productivity in-house.”


What does it do for you?

  • Lets you keep data in-house – perfect if you're not ready to use the cloud or have specialist needs or existing infrastructure to work alongside
  • Can be designed to integrate with other systems – clocking systems, machinery and anything specialised
  • Boosts in-house server capacity
  • Keeps you in control – you own the equipment and you house it
  • Keep peace of mind with proactive maintenance – we'll look after the server and keep it running for you

Who does it suit?

Generally, we recommend that customers consider virtual servers as well as an in-house option. However, in some cases you might prefer to buy hardware and keep your server in-house. For instance, you may simply need to upgrade existing hardware for better performance, or because you've outgrown the solution you started with. We can also mix hosted/virtual servers and in-house servers to suit your budget and individual requirements.

The servers we typically source, supply, install and maintain are suitable for all sorts of applications but are often used for:

Need help managing a server?

You can take advantage of our Proactive Server Maintenance Services as well as our IT Support Services - even if you've already got a server system. Find out more >>

How much does it cost?

It all depends on what you need. We can help you work this out by understanding the purpose of your intended server, the likely use, and requirements of any software systems you're planning to put in place. Our team can help you understand this without the technical jargon, so give us a call today on 01392 950 950 and let us make servers simple for you.

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On-Premises Server Systems & Hardware