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Using Outlook 2007 and receiving repeated Password Prompts?

We have received the odd isolated incident where a customer reports that Outlook 2007 has started prompting for Passwords on a regular basis, despite you not having logged out or closed Outlook.

This happens rarely, and most often on a Windows 7 computer, but always running Outlook 2007. It is occasionally reported after months of customers having servers running without incident, and appears to be linked to other windows updates that cause this issue to develop.

Microsoft have a HotFix that will change the configuration to avoid this, which has been successful in the isolated cases we've seen. You can find out more and deploy this hot fix here:

We strongly recommend using the "Fix It For Me" option - please note that you'll likely need Administrator Level rights to install this hotfix.

NOTE: We do not support Outlook 2007 anymore or recommend it is used.

VPW Support Customers, please note:
[This is a CLIENT issue and not covered by Agility Mail inclusive support, therefore if you contact our team, you'll be charged for the support case (either via a Pre-Piad/Committed Agreement or an Ad-Hoc incident charge). We recommend you follow the guidelines from Microsoft in the link above at no charge to you to resolve this]

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