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Hosted and Cloud Technology - Agility Mail
Help with your Hosted E-Mail Service, including Outlook, Mobile Access, using Web Mail and sharing information with your team

Questions relating to: Hosted and Cloud Technology - Agility Mail

What is the maximum number of people I can send to per message?

What is the maximum size of message I can send?

How do I access Web Mail remotely?

Can I have more than 1 e-mail address?

Can I bring my domain name to Agility Mail?

Can I keep my ISP e-mail address and move to you?

I have a VPW provided E-Mail or Hosting Package, I want just 1 address on Agility Mail, can I?

Spam messages appear to be coming from my address. How do I stop them?

How do I remove and re-create the local cached copy of my Agility Mail Outlook data?

Mail I send to another "Internal" user is bouncing (old mail replies/forwards)

Can I recover a deleted e-mail?

Can I use the e-mail service to send bulk/mass mail campaigns?

How do I see my Public Folder Shared Contacts in Outlook?

Which versions of Outlook or Microsoft Office do you support?

How do I remove an old contact from Outlook Autocomplete?

Can someone else share my mailbox?

Can I give my PA/assistant access to my e-mail account?

Can I use Mac Mail with Agility Mail?

My service stopped working and I moved my domain or nameservers, why?

Can I use Windows 8/10/11's built in software for e-mail with Agility Mail?

Why do I keep receiving bounce / undeliverable messages for email I didn’t send?

Email attachments are blocked in webmail, how do I download them?

I've received an email saying my email / computer has been hacked and demanding payment

Why can't I use Windows 7 with Agility Mail?

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