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Mail I send to another "Internal" user is bouncing (old mail replies/forwards)

If you have migrated to the Agility Mail service from a Microsoft Exchange, or Hosted Microsoft Exchange Service, particularly an older Exchange 2003 server, you may see messages sent to other "internal" users at your organisation bounced back to you.

The bounce messages often have lots of things like
"company name" and "First administrative group" etc in the text.

The cause of this is both simple and understandably annoying for users, but the solution is relatively simple.

This occurs because when you send an e-mail to someone, whilst you simply see the persons name - such as "Joe Bloggs" in Outlook, the server sends to a hidden alias which makes the account work. This is unique to the Exchange System you used previously but does not exist on Agility Mail.

This is most often noticed if someone tries to reply to an old message (eg one sent/received on the old Exchange Server) before migration to Agility Mail.

To resolve this, you need to DELETE the persons name (or names if the message was to several internal users) from the TO, CC and/or BCC boxes, and then re-select the users - do this by clicking the buttons for "To", "CC", and "BCC" etc - this ensures you're selecting the users from the new system.

As a general rule, we only see this with customers recently migrated until they stop sending to "old" internal users instead of the "new" Agility Mail versions.

On rare occasions, this problem persists because one of the "handy" features of Outlook is the memory it has of user e-mail addresses - this is used when you start typing a persons name for example in the TO box - you might type "Joe" and the system completes/offers on a drop down the answer "Joe Bloggs" - because the user is internal, no e-mail address is shown and so you can't tell if it is the "new" Agility Mail "Joe Bloggs" or old "Joe Bloggs". The safest fix is to use the "TO" box until Outlook remembers the new version instead.

You can choose to completely delete the Outlook memory, or manually delete the individual entries as they happen (right click on the option offered in a drop down, choose delete - in most versions of Outlook), but it's normally easier just to use the selector until Outlook learns the new one.

If you are sure you're sending to the right Joe Bloggs but still have this issue, the test to do is simple:

Create a NEW message
Choose the person in the list of users offered to send the message to.

If the message is received, the other message almost certainly bounced for this reason.

If the message still bounces, you likely have a different issue and should contact our Support Team for assistance.

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