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E-Mail Services - Screening Services (Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam)
Making changes and adjusting your Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Services

I want to receive copies of any messages you block so I can review them, how?

You have 2 choices with our Cloud Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Screening Service:

- Redirection Messaging

Messages detected as spam in a category will be redirected to a special "Spam Samples" account where you can review them as appropriate.

- Tag and Deliver

Messages detected as spam in a category will have the subject line prefixed with an identifier to show this, and then delivered to the original recipient as usual where they can decide how to handle the message (manual review, create rules to move to a junk folder etc).

There are 4 "categories"

- Confirmed Spam - very likely to be spam
- Suspect Spam - look like spam, may be legit, should be checked
- Bulk - not considered spam but have some spam like trends
- Filter - manually controlled additional rules invoked by VPW engineers

You can choose to use "Redirection Messaging" or "Tag and Deliver" on a per category basis per domain name you use with our Cloud Screening Service.


You may have been enrolled in the "Re-Direction trial" service - this service will be/has been migrated to the new Cloud Screening Service and you'll have been moved to the "Redirection Messaging" option automatically for all 3 categories. You can request this is changed at any time - contact our Support Team.

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