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E-Mail Services - Screening Services (Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam)
Making changes and adjusting your Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Services

I've received an alert telling me you've removed part of my message, why?

As part of our Cloud Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam service, we scan messages for malicious content, such as virus infected attachments.

When our systems detect such an event, they'll remove the infected or malicious items from the mail before it is delivered to you, replacing them with a message from our systems to inform you that this has happened. In the vast majority of cases, there is nothing you need to do, as the system is protecting you as it is designed to do.

Occasionally the system may incorrectly detect such an even. This is known as a "false positive". If this happens, we would advise you:

- First try to have the sender re-attempt delivery - paying attention to the reason the message was blocked and making changes. It's important to be sure they don't have a compromised system that is actually (often unknown to the sender) attaching malicious files.

- If this fails, you can contact our HelpDesk for assistance. We may be able to re-transmit a message - we don't always have the ability to do this and no guarantees are made to availability.

Please be aware that we reserve the right to charge for reviewing blocked messages if you make an excessive number of requests for review because such reviews are time consuming and it is not possible to review every message that is intercepted each day, so please consider the information provided in the alerts you're sent to determine a likely reason for the block.

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