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E-Mail Services - Screening Services (Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam)
Making changes and adjusting your Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Services

How can I receive copies of e-mails you restrict as being spam?

By default, when you take the Cloud Screening Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam service, messages we identify as being solely "spam" like are not delivered to you.

However we are able to change this behavior on a per-customer basis if you prefer to receive them.

The Basic (Standard) options are:

(a) Have all messages identified as likely spam redirected to a "Spam Samples" account - a dedicated and specific e-mail account setup to receive the messages. We call this "Spam ReDirection"

(b) Have messages identified as likely spam delivered to you as usual, but with the subject line prefixed to indicate which category of spam it is in. We call this "Tag and Deliver"

For advanced users:

If you have more advanced requirements, we have some other options available to you, but you should ensure you understand the impact before requesting them:

(a) General Re-Direction with Specified Users being set to Tag & Deliver

In this setup, you would either have general e-mail removed entirely, or redirected using our Spam Re-Direction option, and then for specific users (e-mail addresses) have us Tag + Deliver.

This can be useful for example if you have a specific user or users that wish to take care of spam filtering manually - but want the bonus of having the system show them the messages it believes are junk.

(b) Have specific users (e-mail addresses) bypassed

You might want specific users (e-mail addresses) not to be filtered at all. We only recommend this in very limited circumstances. It should usually only be done where the user of the e-mail addresses has been properly trained to understand the risk and impact of opening virus infected or spam messages as they can contain viruses, malware or be phishing messages leading to compromise.

More information on the options and service can be found in the:

"G112 - Getting Started With Cloud Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Screening Services" guide. Contact our Customer Services Team if you'd like a new copy of this guide.

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