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E-Mail Services - Screening Services (Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam)
Making changes and adjusting your Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Services

I believe I have received a virus but I thought you stopped them?

Our systems make every effort to prevent messages that are virus infected from being delivered to you. Unfortunately despite our best efforts, there is a small risk that some messages might be transmitted that do from time to time.

This can happen in isolated cases, for example:

- If a virus is so new it has not yet been identified as being a virus, malware or other undesirable content.

- It can also happen if you have encrypted messages that our systems cannot scan.

- If our system was not responsible for delivery of the message - for example if you have other e-mail accounts setup that we do not provide

- If you have asked us to whitelist, bypass or otherwise prevent the Screening Service from operating.


In the vast majority of cases, messages you believe may contain a virus do not - they may be some other form of undesirable message, but are not classed as viruses and are not stopped by this service.

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