Our Network & Infrastructure

The Kit

To power many of our services - from obvious systems like servers to run our HelpDesk and Support Tools, to those running services like Agility Mail & Agility Desktop Cloud Services or Remote Backup Services, we actually build our own servers. We do it so we can pack in the maximum amount of processing power and storage, but without killing the planet - our servers are really good on energy conservation without harming performance. We typically use Quad-Core and Multi-Processor systems, have many many terabytes of storage and frankly silly amounts of RAM so there's always enough resource to run your business applications.

Our network

While for our customers we provide all sorts of different network equipment depending on the specific requirements of the customer, for our core infrastructure - that which runs our own business internally and those that run the services we host, we have equipment from vendors such as Cisco and Hewlett Packard. All of our core networks are gigabit capable or better, and we have pretty extensive firewalls and intrusion monitoring systems. You'll not find our networks suffering from heavy congestion either, as we plan and design our systems to have plenty of headroom - you can never be too careful!

We operate from multiple physical locations too - each site has its own independent network, and while each one can see and talk to another, they're designed in such a way that the problems at one site won't kill the core network elsewhere - just in case. It's by intention too that we use different bandwidth providers at different sites as well - making sure we can keep going when problems happen outside our direct control. We host in multiple locations - but all UK Based so we can serve our customers best.

It is not an unintentional choice to work with different data-centre providers - we prefer to trade bulk discounts for wider resiliance and more diverse access and availability. It's just a different way of thinking, but it means our services keep running.

The Systems and Software

To keep all this hardware and infrastructure running, we use lots of different software. Our systems use both Windows and Linux Platforms depending on the best fit for a given purpose. We use enterprise grade backup systems which can backup as often as every 15 minutes (service depending etc), and store our backups both on-site and off-site to make sure we can survive all manner of issues. So we know what is working (or not) we use clever monitoring systems - both on-server, on-router etc and off-site - in fact we even monitor our services from "standard" consumer broadband connections so we can tell what the real world experience will be like for our customers.

In November 2012, we made our largest investment in technology to date, rolling out extensive new Firewall, Security Intrusion Prevention Systems as well as a complete refresh of our underlying Server Architecture.

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