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Cloud computing is in the news a lot… and we're excited about it because of the potential tools, efficiencies and services it offers you. Now you can make the most of the kind of innovative solutions that were previously the preserve of only the biggest and most advanced organisations. From desktops that follow you wherever you're working, to mail that you can access anywhere. Even next-generation phone solutions that offer call centre functions at a fraction of the cost of traditional options – there's much to discover… [ Compare Hosted & Cloud Technology Service Features ]

Agility Hosted Desktop in the Cloud

Have the latest software, plenty of storage for your files with everything backed up. Then throw in backups to make sure you're protected. That's Agility Desktop, the perfect cloud solution for Small Businesses
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Agility Cloud Email

Safe, synchronised, hosted e-mail, accessible on all devices – that's your phone, your tablet and your PC. Very useful for members of staff who spend time outside the office.
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*NEW* Agility Cloud Mail for Teams

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Agility Cloud Desktop Web Files **NEW**

Access your Files and Documents from a Web Browser or on your Smartphone or Tablet. Flexible and Smart access to your data. Available standalone or as an add-on to Agility Desktop
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Agility Cloud Voice

Get call centre style features and functionality like call routing, call hunt groups and message boxes for every team member, all for far less than you might imagine.
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Cloud Screening Anti-Spam & Virus

Your email, filtered, spam removed and virus checked, then legitimate mail delivered to your inbox. Whether you use our E-Mail Services or have your own server.
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E-Mail Services and Screening





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