Agility Cloud EMail for Teams

15th May 2013

We're pleased to launch the "Agility Mail for Teams" service to add to our existing Agility Mail services.

Tailored at small businesses that want to share a single e-mail address with a number of staff, Agility Mail for Teams offers generous storage allowances and fully supported multi-user access.

You might want a single e-mail address shared with several staff if you're a small business with shift/part time staff and want your customers to have a single point of contact, answered by any available staff.

It might be that you want to use the service to allow everyone to see, respond and store entire e-mail correspondence for customers or projects making it easier and faster to review correspondence histories to help provide better customer service.

Agility Mail for Teams offers:

At VPW we understand that many Small Businesses need extra e-mail functionality and agility, but don't want to have to give out individual addresses, being either cumbersome to manage or problematic especially when you have part time or shift based staff, so Agility Mail for Teams was developed specificially to meet those needs.

Want to know more or buy?

No problem - just give our team a call on 01392 950 950, or you can take a look at the Agility Mail for Teams web page, one of our range of Cloud Hosted Technology services.

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