Agility Cloud eMail for Teams


What is it?

Agility Mail for Teams is a specially adapted version of our main Agility Cloud Mail service specifically designed to help small teams work more effectively with e-mail. We know that small teams often want to share a single mailbox, combining Inboxes, Sent Items, Calendars and Contacts, making it easier to keep on top of e-mail and ensure customers get timely responses.

Agility Mail for Teams is good for...

...all kinds of things. We've put together a few common examples below:

How much e-mail can I store?

Agility Mail for Teams allows 15GB, 20GB or 25GB as standard depending on the package you subscribe to.

Can I continue to use my existing e-mail address?

Yes! You can move any VPW supplied e-mail address to this service, regardless of the service we currently provide it on, and if your e-mail address is with another provider, Agility Mail for Teams can collect mail from a third party system, including the majority of corporate and/or broadband services.

Want to buy Agility Mail for Teams or speak to us about it?

No problem, just give our team a call on 01392 950 950 or enquire online.


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Agility Mail for Teams