Faster Business Broadband in Exeter?

18th November 2013
We've seen a couple of articles in the local Exeter press recently discussing Broadband speeds and how they affect businesses in Exeter. The most recent one discusses a local firm who are heavily dependent upon sending capacity to send content fast. It's not an unreasonable, or indeed uncommon request, but something increasingly frustrating business owners.

Ideally I'm sure that they would love to have Fibre Internet Access to help improve things, but that may not be a reality for some time - rolling out Fibre is an expensive process and getting it in your area depends on a number of factors [see our previous blogs]. At VPW we know that faster internet acess is an increasing requirement for buisnesses which is why we offer a range of services that can speed up your Internet Access, including:

- Managed Broadband Services - can offer significant improvements in speed through adaptive monitoring and greater attention to installation over the "self install" optiosn from the mass-market providers.

- Managed Bonded Broadband - get the power of multiple phone lines and broadband services, but without the drawbacks of traditional and half-finished "load balancing" solutions which don't give you the raw connectivity speed or resilience offered with this service.

- Leased Lines, Ethernet Circuits and other similar technologies - ideal for mission critical uses and where cost is secondary to availability and connectivity.

In our experience, small businesses often rely on the generic information and advice provided by the mass market companies - who simply are too big and uninterested in your small business needs to care about working with you to provide smarter, faster internet access, or they have an agenda just to sell you the most expensive connectivity available - because for them the real profit is in Leased Line type circuits. The end result is slower, poorer connectivity for your business.

At VPW things are a little different. We tailor broadband packages to meet the needs of our customers, and offer some of the enhanced services that even BT doesn't want to offer - not because there's a technical reason they can't, but because they don't want to affect the profitable leased line business they operate.

Customers regularly move to our broadband services and comment on how much better things are, despite not really understanding how we've done what BT and others said can't be done. It's a noticeable change.

For businesses that are upload dependent such as media companies, photographic studios and so on, we offer a range of options to help you upload content and files faster. It can improve your current speeds by as much as 10 times in some cases - with 4 times a pretty typical figure, whilst also improving reliability and overall availability of your broadband connection.

Other businesses are pushing the download speeds to the limit - because they've lots of staff or regularly need to download high resolution photos, content or large video/audio files. They might also be extensively using cloud technologies. For these customers we offer greater download speeds - as much as 6x the speed of a single broadband connection and still without fibre.

Other companies are more concerned with reliability and availability - and for those customers we offer services that give you the best possible chance of sustaining an internet connection without needing to go into expensive leased line terriority (which still can, and does fail...). From experience, we've even seen scenarios where our service operates even though a leased line has failed.

Find our more on our services below, or give our team a call on 01392 950 950.

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