Fibre Broadband Services

Small businesses increasingly want fast and reliable internet access. Thanks to the introduction of fibre it's increasingly possible to offer both fast and reliable service. At VPW, we offer business grade fibre broadband capable of handling even the most demanding requirements.

We had countless problems with our phone line and broadband. Constant dropouts, line noise and countless engineer visits were some of the things we came to
accept as being the norm. We switched to VPW, the problems were dealt with quickly
and efficiently. We now have a reliable phone and broadband service to our office, backed up
with good customer support when required


Why choose our services?

  • Only For Business - we only provide business grade bonded services
  • Expandable as needs change - add extra usage or features like Static IP
  • UK Based - no foreign call centres to battle with should you need some help
  • Works with other services - taking broadband from us as well as your IT means you get a single point of contact
  • Advanced Diagnostics - should something go wrong, we can find the issue with access to advanced diags
  • Fully Managed - we maintain everything including the router so you haven't got to do anything to look after the system
  • Enhanced Upload - get files faster, upload critical e-mail and content quicker
  • Local Knowledge - we know what technology is available and work with you on a site by site basis to get your fibre broadband services working


Who does it suit?

Fibre Broadband is perfect for most small businesses. It's especially appealing to those that need faster broadband (either to download faster or allow more people to make use of the connection) and those who suffer from reliability with traditional broadbnad. Often you'll be in a location where standard broadband speeds are poor. If you've already got fibre, but still want more speed, our Bonded Broadband options can even include fibre!

Where is this available?

Fibre Broadband is still pretty new, so it's not available everywhere - and actually even in Phone Exchange areas that are enabled, you might not be able to get it. Check out our "Fibre Broadband Primer" Blog to find out what lets you have Fibre, and speak to our team who can check and provide tailored quotes.

What's available?

FTTC Broadband - Most Fibre Broadband options use this technology. It allows up to 40 meg download, with options for up to 80 meg. When uploading, the standard speed is 2 meg but you can also opt for 10 meg or 20 meg service options too, subject to location and line conditions.

FTTP Broadband - This is available to a far smaller number of premises but gives you fibre right to the building - it's the most reliable option and lets you enjoy speeds of up to 330 meg - service and location depending, with 30 meg uploads commonly offered.

Find out more about Fibre in our Fibre Broadband Blog

How much does it cost?

The right broadband solution for you can vary, so our prices do too, but we offer Fibre Broadband from just £35 per month. Find out more, speak to us or get a quote on 01392 950 950.

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