Bonded Resilient Business Broadband

If you've ever wanted to increase the speed of your broadband, but can't get faster "superfast" services, or you want better resilience to help ensure your business stays connected, even if a broadband line fails, you should consider Bonded Resilient Broadband from VPW.

We had countless problems with our phone line and broadband. Constant dropouts, line noise and countless engineer visits were some of the things we came to
accept as being the norm. We switched to VPW, the problems were dealt with quickly
and efficiently. We now have a reliable phone and broadband service to our office, backed up
with good customer support when required


Why Bonded Resilient Broadband?

  • Multi-Supplier Service - we work with multiple carriers so can offer more diverse bonded service with better reliability and resiliance against faults
  • True Bonding - get double, or even quadruple download and upload speed
  • Seamless Failover - if a line fails, the others carry on working keeping you online as if nothing had happened
  • UK Based Support- no foreign call centres to battle with for help
  • Works with other services - taking broadband from us as well as your IT means you get a single point of contact
  • Advanced Diagnostics - should something go wrong, we can find the issue with access to advanced diags
  • Fully Managed - we maintain everything including the router so you haven't got to do anything to look after the system
  • Local Knowledge - we know what technology is available and work with you on a site by site basis to get your broadband services working


Key Benefits of Bonded Resilient Broadband

The exact services available depend on the service grade you choose and local availability - even rural locations can benefit from this service to get greater resilience and speeds.

- Protect against many common "single provider" failure scenarios.
For example situations where the broadband providers network has a problem, even though your phone line and router are working. We use multiple wholesale carriers as diverse as viable at your location to minimise the risk of these issues affecting you.

- Increase the speed of your broadband
Using clever technology, we can combine multiple broadband services and lines into a single, seamless connection. So if your location can receive 4 meg at most, you can get 8 meg (approx). We can bond anything up to 80 meg fibre services, and can connect together up to 4 lines. Plus we improve your upload speeds too - really helping businesses that are data intensive.

- Automatically adapt to changing line conditions
With traditional broadband, if a line fails for any reason (a temporary disconnection, router lock up etc), you're disconnected. With our bonded services, everything carries on working without intervention as the system removes faulty links from the service leaving everything else working.

Who does it suit?

Bonded Broadband is perfect for businesses that need faster broadband but have reached the limitations of the speed a single line can offer. You might be in a location where standard broadband speeds are poor, but none of the newer options like Fibre are available. Maybe you've already got Fibre but actually need more speed again and want to combine multiple fibre links.

Where is this available?

We are able to provide many different types of broadband service, so the chances are it's available where you are - even if you're in the middle of rural Devon/Somerset. In fact, we've helped plenty of companies to get better internet despite being considered "unviable" by larger companies.

How much does it cost?

Bonded Broadband costs vary depending on your usage needs, the available carriers in your area, and the service grade you need. Contact our team to discuss your needs so we can provide a tailored quotation for you - the good news is that Bonded Broadband from VPW offers better speeds and resilience without the cost of a leased line. Call us today on 01392 950 950 and we'll help you find the right option for your business bonded broadband.

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