Apple employee computers hit by hackers

17th March 2013


Officials from technology giants Apple have recently confirmed that the computer systems of some of their employees have been breached by the same group of hackers who recently targeted Facebook.

This development is, of course, an unwelcome and somewhat embarrassing one for the California iPhone manufacturers, but staff members were quick to point out that the attack did not seem to have led to the theft of any sensitive data.  

A statement from the firm explained that the hack had been made possible because of a 'vulnerability' existing in their Java multimedia software plug-ins, which has now been identified, resolved and guarded against for the future.

A report from a US cyber security company, meanwhile, speculated that a specific building in the Chinese city of Shanghai has been identified as housing what is described as amongst the 'most prolific cyber espionage groups' in the world, which has been denied by the government in Beijing.

With a significant number of risks unfortunately present in the world of computer technology, it is vital that businesses have access to high quality and reliable IT support in Dorset or wherever else their organisation may have offices.  

There's a long held myth that somehow Apple computers are not vulnerable to issues, and don't need any sort of extra security. The reality is not quite so straightforward and any business should ensure it's computer systems and networks are protected regardless of whether they're running Windows, Apple/OS X or Linux - computers are always vulnerable and good protection and security will help ensure you don't become a victim.

At VPW, basedi n Exeter we work with small business customers every day to offer sensible, practical, and real world advice on security and protection including firewalls, networks and backups.

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