Firewalls and Network Security

What is it?

Firewalls are normally pieces of hardware that sit between your Internet Connection (normally a Broadband Line) and your internal network. They serve a vital role in "policing" use of the connection. The primary purpose is to make sure that attackers cannot get "inside" your network and do this via a combination of "rules" that control what you expect and allow, and can then include clever software that can identify and block attacks dynamically.

More advanced firewalls can also help police what people do with your business connections - for example stopping staff spending all day on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, or actively monitoring the downloads they do looking for viruses that could attack your systems.

Making sure the wrong people can't get in is essential for our business - we store all sorts of sensitive information for our clients. Having no firewall would be like leaving our offices unlocked at night.


Key Features

  • Block access from the "outside world" from getting into your network
  • Can let you limit, restrict & control usage by your team of the Internet
  • Can actively and dynamically detect and stop potential attacks using "IPS"
  • Let you provide limited access to intended services such as Web Mail or Remote Working
  • Some firewalls can let you create secure VPNs - for staff to work remotely or for key suppliers to access and maintain services for you

Who would this suit?

Firewalls come in all sorts of sizes - they're essential for any business which has any servers or systems "in office" that they want to control access to from the outside world. They're also great for any business that wants to start managing access for staff.

How much does it cost?

Firewalls come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with different features - so the cost varies quite a lot. Fortunately if you talk to our team on 01392 950 950 we can recommend the right level of firewall to meet your needs. Some of our services (such as some Managed Broadband include Firewalls too)

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Firewalls and Network Security