Microsoft Prepares to Release Security Update

9th February 2013

Microsoft looks set to release a large security update this February, plugging vulnerabilities in a number of their popular software packages.

The company will release a package of twelve updates in total, two of which focus on security loopholes in the popular Internet Explorer (IE) browser. Other updates focus on Windows, Office and the business based Exchange Server email software, with the complete line up of updates fixing a total of fifty-seven bugs.

Of the twelve updates, five will be listed as critical, with the strong recommendation that everyone installs them to maintain the security of their systems. Two of the critical updates address vulnerabilities in Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) and Windows Vista - as time goes by the older operating systems will be increasingly difficult to maintain. We recommend customers strongly consider looking at Windows 8 (which as you'll see in our review isn't at all bad) as part of improvements to make IT easier!

The splitting of the updates into several smaller packages has proven controversial amongst IT professionals however, as it may well make the patching process more involved for businesses. With updates like this addressing common security issues, Exeter IT and computer support are often your best bet to ensuring you have the latest and most secure software available for your business.

For existing VPW customers...

VPW Customers with managed Proactive Server or Desktop Maintenance will be updated automatically as usual, and we will notify you as we perform your regular updates. If you haven't yet got one of our proactive maintenance plans, you should consider it to keep your systems updated and maintained in a simple way (and don't forget if you have our Pre-Paid or Committed Support Plans you can receive discounts on these services too!)

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