Proactive Desktop Maintenance

What is it?

Proactive maintenance for your critical desktops and laptop systems. A simple way to ensure that the systems you use every day work, are up to date, free of problems (such as viruses, security problems and failing hardware) letting you carry on with "business as usual".

It's an ideal way to ensure that your systems keep working, and extends the life time you can expect from them. We'll perform a variety of maintenance tasks, update key software and where necessary clean the system up physically - particularly useful if you've a dirty environment, avoiding problems of premature system failure.

Key Benefits

  • Keep front of house and critical desktop/laptop systems running
  • Choose from "one off" to regular maintenance to suit your business
  • Extend the life span of your systems and avoid premature and disruptive failures of your systems

Who would this suit?

Any business that takes the reliability of its systems seriously. We recommend considering desktop maintenance for critical systems.

If you've got "front of house" systems at your hotel, sports centre or shop, losing these can make life difficult at best for your staff and frustrating for customers.

Perhaps your back end systems ensure you can get orders out on time, make sure you've billed your clients or can order equipment you need to fulfill orders. Losing those systems can prevent you taking care of your normal business. Taking proactive desktop maintenance helps avoid those issues.

How much does it cost?

We offer flexible plans - the costs vary on the number of systems you have, the frequency with which you wish us to undertake such work (we can offer "one off" checks as well as regular proactive care). Talk to our team on 01392 950 950 and we'll help you get the right level of care for your business.

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