Committed IT Support

What is it?

Committed IT Support gives you far more than just regular IT Support. It lets you reach our engineers with the highest priority, lets you have assistance with using your systems as well as just technical support when things go wrong, includes out of hours service and much more. As a bonus too, you'll also find many of our other Products & Services are discounted when you've taken Committed IT Support so you also get fantastic value for money.

Key Features

  • Unbeatable value consultancy and support – we offer you a cheaper rate because you're happy to commit
  • Reliable support and advice for less – usually only an option for large businesses with dedicated IT teams
  • Planned, manageable quarterly cost – which helps you maintain a budget
  • Complete peace of mind – if you've got a problem, we'll sort it. Whether it's "how do I" or "help, it's broken"
  • Priority Access to Engineers – we'll always try and get you straight through
  • Service Discounts receive other IT Services at a lower rate with extra discounts only available with Committed

When you sign up, you'll commit to a number of hours each month of support (from just 1 hour) - the effective hourly rate reduces as the number of hours commitment made increases. You can then use this time for anything from "How do I…" advice to practical help fixing problems, or on making plans to see how technology can help you achieve business objectives.

How does it work?

When you need assistance, you'll call us and the support given is taken from your monthly allowance (there's no 1 hour minimum cost etc). If you run out of committed time, extra support provided that month is invoiced to you at the standard rate. If you've also taken a Pre-Paid Booster, we'll use this balance first (which carries that same reduced rate as your Committed IT Support).

Key Benefits:

With our Committed IT Support Plan you'll:

What happens if I run out of time in a month?

Most customers opt to purchase Pre-Paid Boosters when they sign up, and then top these up from time to time when balances run low. A Pre-Paid Booster is a block of time pre-paid with us, held on account and used only when your committed time is exhausted.

Let's say you have a 2 hour per month committed plan, but need 3 hours one month - we'll use your 2 hours committed time first, then 1 hour of your pre-paid booster. The next month you'll use your Committed time again first, then the booster if needed. If you use less than your committed time, any booster time remaining just rolls over to the next month (indefinitely while you have Committed IT Support).

If you don't take Pre-Paid Boosters, and over-used time is charged at the standard Ad-Hoc rate.

How much time do I have to Commit to?

Our Committed IT Support Plan is available with as little as 1 hour per month, so it can work for you no matter how large your business. It gets cheaper as you commit to more hours. Our team will help you determine the correct level of support. Sometimes if you're taking our other services, it can be more cost effective to get more support time than technically needed as you'll save more money overall by doing so (with the added benefit of knowing you've got plenty of help available!). Pre-Paid boosters are purchased in 5 hour blocks as a minimum if you choose these and need to be purchased BEFORE your committed allowance is credited each month to be useable in that month.

Want to know more, or sign up?

Fantastic - give our friendly team a call on 01392 950950 and we'll help you further. You can also contact us electronically by enquiring online if you would prefer.


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