Cloud Use for Disaster Recovery on the Increase

7th August 2013

A survey of over 1,300 IT professionals recently found that the use of cloud computing for disaster recovery, backup and desktop appears to be on the rise, moving away from more traditional cloud usage.

Cloud computing up to this point has mainly been used for software-as-a-service, with online office packages such as Office 365 and Google Docs, accounting for much of that. The recent uptake of unstructured data usage, however, has seen an increasing number of businesses looking to the cloud for data protection.

At VPW we're seeing a huge amount of demand for our own Cloud Services - from our Agility Mail [E-Mail, Hosted Exchange etc] platform to our Agility Desktop Services [Hosted Desktop] - all of which are designed to better meet the needs of Small Busineses than the generic, one-size fits all approach used by products like 365. As a Small Business IT Support company, we spend time with plenty of small businesses just like yours so we know what functionality and services are needed to make Cloud Technology a viable and successful option.

Nonetheless we're not suprised to learn from the survey that the adoption of cloud for disaster recovery is expected to rise almost 10% this year and even more in the following year. The new technology is seen as appealing because of its relative ease of setup and the outsourcing of expensive equipment. Our Remote Backup for Small Business, and Remote Backup for Enterprise Tools already deliver Backup in the Cloud, and also offer a range of "Business Continuity" and "Disaster Recovery" services designed to make it easier for busineses to blend on-premises technology (servers in your own office) with cloud services so you can have the best of both worlds.

If you're looking to improve disaster recovery and backup practices at your business or just looking at how Cloud Technology can help you, why not contact VPW, your local Devon IT and computer support for up-to-date advice - call 01392 950 950 for a no-hassle chat today and see how you can benefit.


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