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29th November 2013


In the past 2-3 weeks, we're seeing a huge rise in e-mails that contain attachments which ultimately contain malware - the sort of nasty virus things that compromise your computer and personal details, or destroy your data. One of the most notable items at the moment is the CryptoLocker Malware - we've blogged about this already here and here. However this time we wanted to share some examples of typical e-mails that you might see to help you understand what these types of things look like - helping you to avoid them.

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(It goes without saying that you should have both Anti-Virus Software on your computers (and yes that includes Macs!) and seriously consider our Cloud Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam Screening Services.)

Example 1 - "Visa - Recent Transactions Report"

Visa Transactions Report

This is a relatively common type - the old "we think you have fraud on your account, please open this file and check your transactions" scam. The theory is you'll panic because it sounds like you have a problem, making it more likely you'll open it - but in reality, this, like the others contains malware that infects your computer. The simple fact is, no responsible bank, financial institution or similar will ever send attachments. Period.

Example 2 - "DHL Report" - the Courier Delivery Failures

DHL Repors

Quite clever as many people have deliveries now with online shopping being as popular as it is. We see these with all type of couriers, particularly "DHL", "Fedex" and "UPS" being big, international couriers. Again, you won't get this from the real people, they don't send notifications by e-mail with attachments in this way. Just don't open them.

Example 3 - "PayPal"


If you believe these e-mails, your PayPal account has issues a lot. But again, a total scam - there is no issue, and PayPal definitely won't send you links to forms (or even it's own web site), nor will they attach anything, ever.

Example 4 - "Skype VoiceMail"

Virus E-mail

You've got a new message from Skype. Actually, you haven't. The attachment is another .zip file that has a .wav.exe file in it - or in other words, more viruses and malware. Just don't open it. Skype will let you check voicemail from the app itself.

Example 5 - "Companies House"

Companies House

This is a good one because it's targeted at UK businesses and people don't tend to deal much with Companies House so can be easily conned. But no, Companies House didn't send this e-mail - they even have guidance on the web site about what they do and don't send - have a look here.

Others we've seen include...

What should you do?

You should:

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