Cloud E-Mail Filtering - Virus and Spam

Protecting your incoming e-mail from Viruses, Malware and Spam is time consuming and can cause plenty of issues. Fortunately using our Screening Service, we check messages before your mail server receives them, dealing with the junk and passing you the mail that matters most.

VPW’s spam screening service has made a noticeable difference to our email system. Not only does it work really well, it’s saved us form spending valuable time every day filtering out junk manually. The virus screening works really well too. Overall it is now a service that we couldn’t work without.


Key Features

  • Internet Based Scanning
  • No hardware or software for you to buy or maintain
  • Works with any mail server
  • Option for junk to be redirected for review to a messaging administrator
  • Whitelisting capability for key contacts
  • Categorised Filtering Options
  • Per-User Customisation for Key Modes
  • Zero-Hour Virus Detection Capability
  • Language Independent - works with any character sets and countries

Virus Protection for E-Mail

Viruses are a real threat to E-Mail users today, and have become significantly more advanced over the past few years. Many e-mail viruses can mutate (change the way they appear to users) or adapt over time, or hide inside innocent looking files. To avoid this, you may install a normal Anti-Virus Application. This seems like a good idea, but won't protect you against viruses properly. How do you control remote users via WebMail, those using mobile phones, and make sure it is up to date regularly?

Anti-Spam Filtering

By many records Spam now accounts for 75-80% of all e-mail transmitted - that's a lot of junk arriving on your system to be processed, and significant time wasted for your staff. Our platform proactively scans and detects the vast majority of spam before it reaches you automatically. Anything that isn't wholly detected can be reviewed by you if you so wish.

Our Cloud Screening Anti-Spam Service handles this by reviewing your incoming messages before they reach you, with greater than 97% typical accuracy and categorises those messages. You can then decide whether to have them deleted, diverted to a "Spam Samples Holding Pen" for later review or delivered to users but with appropriate tags/prefixes added so you can use rules or manually filter the messages.

Who can use this service?

You can use this service with any VPW Supplied E-Mail Service - for example Agility Cloud eMail, Mail Essentials or Basic E-Mail with Web Hosting. You can also use it if you run your own e-mail server, whether that's hosted by us or not, whether that's an Exchange Server, Lotus Domino system or something a little more unusual.

Next Steps?

Find out more on how the service works or discuss pricing by calling our team on 01392 950 950.

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