QuickTips: Using the Windows 7 & 8 Troubleshooter Tools

16th April 2014

Many users of the different variations of Windows don't know all the features that are incorporated into the Operating System - it's to be expected given how vast it is, but there are some really useful parts that you should know about to let you help yourself with "everyday" troubleshooting and fixes.

Having issues with Windows Update?

Good practice recommends you keep your computer up to date - particularly with the "Windows Updates" released by Microsoft (if you're running Windows XP, these have now stopped - find out more here). Most of the time this works really well, but what happens if there is a problem with it, and you're not sure how to fix it? For example when you have used windows update you may have an issue downloading or installing a critical update.

If you're running Windows 7 or Windows 8 you might be surprised to learn that they have a trouble shooter for Windows Update built in!

How to use the Windows Update Troubleshooter

First you should close any open applications and save any files - just in case.

Then navigate to your Control Panel within Windows. For Windows 7, click Start, then Control Panel. On Windows 8, from the Start Screen (press the Windows Key on your keyboard), then type "control" - and choose Control Panel.

TIP: If you're on Windows 8, you could also alternatively right click where the start button appears (and on Windows 8.1 you can just right click the windows flag icon), and choose Control Panel!

Once Control Panel opens, either click "Find and Fix Problems" under System & Security if you're in "View By: Category" mode, or "Troubleshooting" If you're in "View by: Large/Small Icons" mode.

Next choose, Fix Problems with Windows Update

You will be shown another Window that describes what the troubleshooter does, it explains that it will help you resolve problems that prevent you from updating Windows. Once then Next Button has been clicked, Windows will scan any updates / problems that may have been caused and if necessary will re-download an update and allow you to install it. This is an automated process so once its complete it should tell you that it has completed the process and fixed any issues it found.

This a rather handy utility that I know a few people have found useful over the last few weeks and am sure that many people were unaware of. If this utility doesn't resolve the issue then this is the time to call one of our engineers who can rectify the issue.

Need some help?

Still can't sort things out yourself? If you're an existing VPW Customer, click here for your Support Contact Details. If you're not yet a customer, call our Sales/Enquiries Team on 01392 950 950, and we'll show you how we can help make your IT easier and make things work properly again.

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