Your IT supports your business. And we're there to support your IT

VPW offers IT Services for your Small Business in Newton Abbot and throughout Devon. We're based in Exeter and have customers in your area already - so we already think of you as neighbours. For IT Support, the team at VPW are here to help you.

We know our customers aren't all the same ...

VPW tailors services and recommendations to suit your business, and your plans for tomorrow. Our characters, Bob, Mary and Dan, provide a guide…


Basic Bob

Wish IT just worked? Can't be bothered with fancy new technology, but want to save time and money? Then you might be a bit like Bob, who's got all his IT niggles sorted with VPW.

Services for Bob

Mary More

Ambitious, growing fast and keen to boost productivity, security, collaboration and more? Then you're like Mary – a savvy small business owner who's embracing tomorrow's technology to achieve more today.

Services for Mary

Dependent Dan

Totally technology-dependant, Dan runs a business that literally can't afford downtime. And VPW offers the security support and future-proofed solutions he needs. Sound like you?

Services for Dan

Offers for Local Businesses

Free Mini IT Audit

When you choose a Committed IT Support Plan for your Small Business, we'll give you a free Mini IT Audit - helping your business do more.

No charge for travel!

As a qualifying local business, we'll not charge for any site visits to your primary address if Committed IT Support in Newton Abbot

Combine Services for better discounts

You get better value from our services when you take advantage of our "one stop shop" approach. Real reductions in the cost of your IT when you work with us to make it easier.

On-Premise Servers - In-House, Managed Servers and Support
Pre-Paid Support - On the phone and in person, and you're only charged for the time you use.