IT for Basic Bob

IT that can make life easier for Bob...

Bob runs a small company, and needs IT for the essentials. He'd never claim to be an expert with IT, but knows a little bit of smart IT can really help him out. He doesn't want anything too fancy, but he does want things that work.

Services to help Bob get going...

Everyone needs the basics - so Bob might need a PC or Laptop, maybe even a Tablet. It would be useful to have e-mail, but proper e-mail - so he looks professional and can also access everything whether he's out and about with his Smartphone or in his home office on the desktop PC.

Bob should take a look at:

Grown a little past the days of "Just Bob"...?

Maybe business is going well, and Bob has taken on a couple of staff. He knows Agility Mail will easily scale to more staff, but now gets frustrated because the quotes and documents he works on aren't available to other people so they keep doing the same thing, or missing things.

Bob should consider:

Still going strong?

2-3 Years down the line, things have gone really well - Bob's got a growing and successful company, and now needs to start making more effort with IT - he's taking on offices, more staff and knows that his IT needs investment. Bob's ready to meet Mary More... the ambitious owner of a growing company that wants to boost productivity, improve IT and take advantage of emerging technology.

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