VPower – Virtual Servers

What is it?

A server is the ‘brain' of your IT network – the place where your central files are backed up and stored. So making the right decision is incredibly important – after all, what would you do if you lost all that vital customer and business information?

Virtual (VPower) Servers are a first-rate option because they are virtualised. What does this mean in practice? That you rent server space from us, and your network is served over the internet. The server stays in our ultra-secure data centre – but behaves like it's in the next room. This kind of hosting is also known as Cloud Hosting, VPS Servers and On-Demand Servers. There's no capital outlay or maintenance to worry about, and should anything happen to your premises (accident or break in), all your vital data stays intact.

We use virtual servers because we simply can't afford downtime. If our systems crash, our whole operation will grind to a halt, which hits me where it hurts most – my pocket!


What does it do for you?

  • Reduces your capital outlay – no hardware to buy and maintain
  • Saves you time and worry – we take care of the critical aspects of servers
  • Changes to suit you – no need to invest in new hardware, just upgrade with us
  • Very flexible – choose space, memory and backup requirements to suit you
  • Planned monthly cost – fixed monthly charges for your server without worry
  • Backup and management options – let us take care of as much or as little as you want, freeing you from IT support

Who does it suit?

Virtual Servers are ideal:

Virtual Server service can also save you lots of time – you can still do all the IT admin jobs you would like to do, and have full access to your server 24/7. We can even manage and maintain your server so there's nothing to worry about any more – find out more on the server maintenance page.

How much does it cost, and next steps?

Our virtual servers are flexible to your needs, so the costs vary on requirement. Just give us a call on 01392 950950 to discuss your needs and we'll give you a tailored quote – with no excessive costs.


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