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Why not browse our A-Z of services which lists the services and products we can offer - we've even tried to cover the multiple technical terms that some services are known by to make it easier for you. Still not sure if we can help - why not give us a call on 01392 950 950. Alternatively let Bob, Mary and Dan guide you through our services or view the Technical Service Categories.

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Academic Licensing

Discounted Software Licensing for Educational, Non-Profit (Charitable) Organisations

Ad-Hoc Support

Help with no commitment, no planning or advance warning. Just help "on demand"


Broadband Internet Access - the technical name for the most common type of broadband used today

Agility Collaborate

Share Documents, run an Intranet or Portal, and collaborate with teams and external partners.

Agility Desktop

Hosted Desktops - work remotely and access your files software and tools wherever you are

Agility Mail

E-Mail - Hosted for you and powered using Exchange technology so your team can communicate.

Agility Mail for Teams

The power of Agility Mail designed for small teams wanting to share a mailbox and generous storage allowances

Agility Voice

Telephony for Small Business - Enterprise Features without the Enterprise Price!

Agility Voice Trunk

Benefit from Internet Telephony while retaining your existing Phone System - get the best of both worlds for your phone services

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Screening Services

Protection against viruses, spam and phishing attacks for your e-mail - before it even reaches you

Anti-Virus Services

For your computer, laptop and servers - software Anti-Virus protection

Apple Mac Support

Our IT Support Services can include support for your Apple Mac, iMac or Macbook - and many of our services (such as Agility Mail) are Mac friendly too

audit Services

Find out what you have, what you need and where your risks & gaps in your IT are

Authenticated SMTP (E-Mail)

Send e-mail messages without changing settings or being blocked when using wireless hotspots, mobile broadband dongles and other peoples internet access

AVG Software

Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and Malware Protection from AVG Technologies



Backup Services

Services that let you backup your desktop, laptop or servers against data loss, corruption or some sot of disaster (like fires, theft and flooding)

Barcode Readers

Help with buying, maintaining and configuring barcode readers used in many POS systems in retail and leisure.

Bespoke Software

Need software to meet your unique needs? Looking for tools that serve specific industries, such as for Sports Centres, Retail Outlets etc? You need to look at bespoke software.

Blackberry E-Mail (BIS, BES)

Our Agility Mail service works with Blackberry devices to provide e-mail.

Broadband Internet Access

Broadband (ADSL) Internet Connectivity (including Fibre, SDSL, Leased Lines etc)

Business Continuity Planning

How does your business keep going if you have a disaster? See how we can help you plan for disasters and keep your business IT running whatever happens.



Call Routing

Have phone calls sent to different phones, a mobile or call handling services. Buy as a standalone service or take as part of our Agility Voice or Telephony Services.


Help supporting your existing CCTV system or help installing new Network/IP based camera systems

Charity Licensing

Charities can receive discounted software licensing through various schemes with many major vendors. We can help you access those discounts. Some of our services also come with charity rates and other incentives to help you spend more for your cause and less on administration.

Cloud Services

You can benefit from our range of Cloud and Hosted Technology Services. From Hosted Services like Agility Voice, Agility Desktop and Agility Mail to our Virtual Hosting "VPower" Servers. All designed for small business.

Cloud Storage

Your data stored securely ready for quick access using the Agility Desktop Web Files Cloud Storage service. Get access to your files from home, work, on a PC, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet.

Conferencing Phones

Existing conferencing system support, or purchase new conferencing systems. We offer both traditional and digital systems and have options for existing Agility Voice customers too.

Connectivity - Broadband, Leased Lines etc

Whether you need to get online using Broadband for your business, are looking for a more reliable service or need guaranteed services like Leased Lines our business connectivity has the answer.


Your equipment hosted in our data facilities. Benefit from our responsive support, multiple UK locations and flexible terms.

Computer Backup

Online Remote Backup - your files and data sent securely to an offsite location so you're protected whatever happens.

Computer Repair

Broken computer, desktop, laptop or netbook? We're able to help you repair it - we can fix both software and hardware problems, including broken screens, computers that don't start and help you get your files and data back too.


Linux Web Hosting with PHP, mySQL and all the usual trimmings with the easy to use, and industry standard cPanel Control Panel and "Self Service" Management.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Software and tools that let you understand who your customers are, what you do for them and how to do better business with them. We can help you choose, implement and support a CRM system.


Our team can provide IT Consultancy services to help you plan, evaluate and decide on IT purchases and strategy. Whether you need hands-on help or a second opinion let us help you make IT easier.



Database Management

Improve Performance, Fix Problems or let us host your SQL Databases.

Data Backup

Protect yourself from lost data by choosing our Backup Services - keep the data on your desktop, laptop or servers protected. We can help with Tape, Disk or Off-site (Internet) based backup.

Data Storage

Data Archiving, NAS, SAN and other Storage Systems - supplied and/or supported.

Dedicated Servers

Got a demanding application to run or just prefer to avoid Cloud or Virtual Hosting? We can provide dedicated servers running Windows or Linux.

Desktop Computers

Buy new computers from us, either "off the shelf" from leading vendors like HP, Acer, Dell and IBM or have us build you something for specialist or specific purposes.

desktop Virtualisation

Virtualise your desktop - make it easier and more flexible to work from home, when hotdesking or on the road with virtual desktop services such as our Agility Desktop service.

Digital Certificates (SSL)

We can provide Digital Certificates for Web Sites (SSL), VPN, FTP and E-Mail Services. Including Wildcard and Extended Validation Services.

Disaster Recovery

Servers crashed? Need someone to rebuild your systems and get your data back?

Disk Backup

Backup your computers or servers using Disk technology. Replace your old tape system or add extra features. We can supply and support backup systems for you.

DNS Services

Primary and Secondary DNS Services.

Door Entry Systems

Control access to your office. Standalone Systems with or without cameras, or systems integrated with your existing phone system.

Domain Name Registration

Your internet identity - get your .com or domain (or many many others) and add services like Agility Mail or Web Hosting to make it useful for your business.

Domain Name Transfers

Bring a domain name you already own to us from another supplier.


Broadband Connections using DSL technologies like ADSL, VDSL, SDSL etc. We provide business broadband internet connectivity solutions.



Educational Licensing

Software licensing for academic use - at colleges, schools and universities plus some charities.


Security matters. We can advise on systems to encrypt data - on the go, on your servers, laptops and systems or before sending media like DVDs and CDs in the post.

EMail Anti-Spam

Stop the junk flowing in - get spam and malware protection for your incoming emails

EMail Anti-Virus

Protect yourself from viruses sent via e-mail - cloud/internet based scanning system

EMail Essentials

Our entry level range of E-Mail Packages for light use and basic needs using POP3 access.

EMail Forwarding

Forward messages from one e-mail account to another

Exchange (Microsoft)

The leading enterprise e-mail software product. We can provide, install, maintain and support your Exchange Servers. Alternatively you could benefit from our Agility Mail service giving you the benefit of Exchange without the up-front costs.

Exhibition Support

You can receive complete IT support for your exhibition - whether you need help getting internet access to use and demo services, temporary rental of equipment or full design of exhibition and traveling demonstration systems.

External Storage

Removable Hard Discs, USB Keys and Drives - take your files and data with you, or upgrade/expand an existing computer with more storage quickly and easily



Fax Services

Electronic Faxing - receive faxes as PDF files, send faxes from your e-mail system, or convert an old "real" fax machine into an electronic system

Fibre Broadband (FTTP, FTTC)

Next Generation Broadband Internet Access using optical fibre for better performance, reliability and faster speeds.

File Storage

Servers, NAS devices and Network File Systems that let you centrally store and access data.


Protect your network and systems from external attack - hardware and software firewalls for servers and network systems


FTP Servers for large file transfer needs. We also offer FTP on all of our Web Hosting packages and can also supply FTP Software (Client and Server).



Groupwise Migration

Need to move to a new e-mail system from Novell Groupwise? We can help migrate you to another platform - whether its an in-house e-mail service, Microsoft Exchange or our Hosted E-Mail Service - Agility Mail

Gym/Membership Management Support

Running a sports centre? Need help with your IT systems, including any POS systems such as Gladstone Plus2 or Legend? Speak to our team and see how we can help your centre keep IT running.




Support with existing IT Hardware or purchase new hardware, or add maintenance contracts to existing purchases. We support all kinds of hardware from many many vendors.


Want to give your computer a quick health check and make sure everything is running? Looking for regular checks and proactive help to avoid nasty problems that cause downtime and interruption?

Home Computer Support

Our Home Computer division Blue Ribbon Computers can help with your home computer - and we'll visit you if you prefer.

Home Working

Access your office systems from home and be flexible & free. We can help if you have existing servers or systems, or provide a complete "one stop" solution using Agility Desktop.

Hotspots (Wireless/Wi-Fi)

Provide Public Internet Access with a hotspot - retain and attract customers, give them the flexibility to use the internet at your hotel, bar or holiday park.

Hosted Exchange

Fully Managed, straightforward Microsoft Exchange Hosted Mail - plus our extras to give you Agility Mail. Flexible options and a choice of contracts, mailbox features and service options.




Some of our Linux Hosting packages include IMAP e-mail - or to go beyond simple IMAP try our Agility Mail Service for the most advanced email available.

Ink Supplies

Toners and Cartridges for your InkJet or Laser printer, photocopier or fax.

Internet Connectivity

Internet Access using Broadband, ADSL, SDSL, Leased Lines and Mobile Broadband too.

IP Cameras

Network connected Web Cams - monitor your staff, keep an eye on your premises or provide public access to see your attractions, views and facilities.

IP Phones

Buy phones from vendors like snom, grandstream and yealink, take our IP Phone Service Agility Voice or let us help you with an existing IP phone or system.


Digital Telephony Services - we can provide ISDN or help support existing systems using ISDN as well as provide our "ISDN to VOIP" system Agility Voice Trunk.

IT Audit

Let us show you where your risks are in IT - and where you're doing well so you can plan your investment and IT strategy better - spending where it will really make a difference

IT Systems Management

Managed IT - including Networks, Servers and Desktop Systems.



Junk Mail Filtering

We can provide software, guidance and hardware to help you keep the junk mail out from your e-mail



Kiosks and Public Information Systems

Public Internet Access, Information Terminals - for permanent use or at an exhibition



Laptop Computers

We can provide, support and repair laptop computers, including ruggedised, lightweight and workstation style systems

Laptop Repairs

If you've broken your laptop - the screen, power sockets or keyboard, or perhaps had a little accident with a cup of tea over it, we can help you.

Leased Lines

Guaranteed Internet Connectivity plus options for high levels of resilience with a comprehensive Service Level Agreement. Perfect where Internet Access is a critical factor for your business.

Leasing - IT Equipment, Telephony & Software

Using IT Leasing you can get the IT systems you need today without the huge capital investment. With low interest rates and a simple, no hassle application process, your business should consider leasing today.

Linux Web Hosting

Powerful Web Site Hosting services that let you use PHP, mySQL and Linux based Tools like Wordpress, provided with self-service functionality through the cPanel control panel



Mac Support

Help with your Apple Mac systems

Mail Servers

We can provide, help and support your Mail Server - we look after systems with Exchange, Groupwise and many others.

Maintenance Services (Servers, Desktops, Laptops)

Proactive Support and Maintenance for your IT Systems for the Hardware, Software and Systems

Malware Removal

If you've ended up with a PC full of malware, viruses and other nasty items

Managed Servers

We maintain, secure and monitor your servers letting you keep control of your business

Microsoft Office

We can provide, support and help with Microsoft Office issues including Licensing and Technical Issues

Mobile EMail

Access your e-mail from your mobile phone - Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone, or Android device

Mobile Working

We can provide solutions whether you have existing servers you want to access remotely or need an all in one solution via our Agility Desktop service


If you want your servers and systems monitored, including application level, performance and availability testing, our monitoring services help you know the state of your IT systems

MX (Secondary Mail Relay)

Let us provide your Mail Relay Services


Many of our Linux Hosting Packages include mySQL Database support



NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Looking for network storage - need to expand your server capacity or migrate to new systems? We can help with all kinds of file and network storage requirements.

Netbook Computer Support

Help with technical issues, or repairs to broken netbooks

Netware (Novell) Migration

Looking to move away from the Novell Netware platform and need someone who can help your transition to a new network system?

Networking - Installation

Help with setting up and installing network systems - including cabling, switches and cabinets as well as upgrades or additional network points/sockets

Networking - Maintenance and Repair

If you've got an existing network and are experiencing issues we can help with maintenance and repair services - for cabling issues, switch and performance problems alike

Networking - Wireless

We can provide Wireless Networking Services - from Installation to Support & Troubleshooting. Plus we also offer a Wireless (Wi-Fi) Hotspot service for public use



Online Backup

Secure, Encrypted Data Backup Services - for Desktops, Laptops or Server Systems - including Server Software such as SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange or Sharepoint

Office Moves and Relocations

We're experienced in helping you move your IT systems to new premises - from physically moving equipment to providing new networks, phone systems and internet access.

Out of Hours Support

Services to ensure you can reach our IT Specialists 24/7/365 so whatever the issue, whenever it happens you'll have access to the right people to keep your IT working. Available as a standalone service and as part of our other products and services.


Outsourced IT Services

Let our team look after your IT - letting you concentrate on your own specialist expertise and your valuable customers. We'll make your IT easier and reduce the hassle involved in managing IT.




Paper and Printer Supplies

Paper, Toner and Ink Cartridges for your printers and photocopiers

Parts and Spares

Memory, Hard Discs, Processors, Power Supplies and all sorts of "odds and sods" you may need to fix, upgrade or improve your computers

Patch Management

Managed Services to keep your Servers, Desktops or Laptops up to date

PC Repair

Your computer repaired and working again - for desktops, laptops, apple computers and netbooks as well as server systems and networking equipment. We fix broken screens, power supplies and more

Phone Lines

Standard Telephone Lines (often known as PSTN Lines). We also supply ISDN and Phone Systems.

Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems such as BT Versatility or Samsung Systems, as well as VOIP and Internet Telephony Services


Help with existing photocopiers including networked copiers, as well as supply of new printers/copiers

PHP Web Hosting

Our Linux Web Hosting Servers provide PHP Hosting capabilities

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Support with POS Systems, Barcode Scanners, Receipt Printers and Till Drawers, as well as the Hardware and Software needed for point of sale in places such as retail, sports centres and theatres.

POP-3 EMail

The most straightforward form of e-mail available - available as part of many of our Windows or Linux Web Hosting Packages, or as a Standalone Service.

Pre-Paid Support

Flexible and straightforward IT Support - like a Pay-As-You-Go mobile phone - just top up, get support and have no ongoing ties or commitment. Plus your top-ups don't expire so you can keep the help until you need it most.


Help troubleshooting Printer Issues, or supplying new Printers - including Photocopiers and large format systems

Public Internet Access

Wi-Fi and Wireless Access for Public Use, or Kiosk Systems, Internet PCs and similar devices.



Quickbooks Support

Help with Intuit Quickbooks - or purchase of new versions and upgrades. Includes Quicken, and Pro versions.



Receipt Printers

Used in POS Systems, from vendors such as IBM and Epson.

Remote Access

Access e-mail, files and servers remotely - no longer be limited to working "from the office".

Remote Backup for Windows Desktops and Laptops

Online Data Backup - your files and data sent securely to an offsite location so you're protected whatever happens.

Remote Backup for Servers

Online Backup for Servers including File Servers, Exchange and SQL Servers.

Remote Working

Access your software, files and tools from anywhere with Internet Access and work as if you're at the office - ideal for mobile workers, or where you just can't get to the office

Racks and Server Cabinets

As part of a networking installation or for standalone supply.

Remote Desktop

Providing Remote Access for Servers or Desktops

RJ45 Networking

Installation and Maintenance/Repair or Extension of your network - we provide CAT5/CAT5e and CAT6 networks for offices and server installations.


For Internet Access, to link multiple networks together or for more complicated usage



Sage Software

One of the most popular accounting products for Small Business, including Instant Accounts and Line 50 plus Payroll Software


From simple "desktop" scanners to complicated multi-page document scanners and archiving systems


Internet Access for those who need to be able to send data at high speeds

Secondary DNS

Let us host your secondary DNS zones to make sure your domains and services always resolve

Secure Certificates (SSL)

Online protection for Web Hosting services - otherwise known as SSL

Server Backup

Online Backup for Servers including File Servers, Exchange and SQL Servers.

Server Monitoring

Monitoring of your server systems - both general availability and application level testing options

Service Level Agreements

From Support Services to Managed Servers and Connectivity, many of our services come with an SLA

SimplyFi Wireless Hotspots

Public Internet Wi-Fi Access - for Pubs, Cafes, Holiday Parks and Tourist Attractions

Skills and Training

Helping you get the most from IT - with one to one and group training available - tailored to your business needs.

SMTP Services

From simple SMTP Relays to Authenticated SMTP and secondary MX services as a backup to your own servers

Software As a Service (SaaS)

Through our Agility Desktop product and Hosted Applications

Spam Protection

With software and internet/hosted solutions

SQL Server Hosting & Support

We'll provide managed or unmanaged SQL Server systems including standalone and replicated/clustered servers. Plus our qualified DBAs can manage the databases you operate


Technical Support - from Ad-Hoc to Pre-Paid and Committed to meet every type of need



Tape Backups

Help with existing Tape Backup Systems, Management and Monitoring of those systems or installation & supply of new backup systems for your servers and network.

Technical Support

IT Support to help your business - including Ad-Hoc, Pre-Paid and Committed Support services.

Telephone Lines

Business Telephone Lines including standard lines (PSTN), Digital Access via ISDN and Phone Systems - including both traditional telephony and VOIP/Internet Telephony

Telephone Numbers

We can help you obtain special numbers, including 0845, 0800, premium rate and geographic numbers too.

Toner Supplies

Toner for your printer - including Laser Printers and Copiers, as well as Ink for Inkjet printers.


Help making the most of your IT by empowering your team with the knowledge and capacity to use your IT fully - from one to one sessions to group/team training sessions.


Help finding the cause of problems with your IT - and resolving them




Unified Communications

Linking your telephones, e-mail, fax and other business communications together

UPS and Power Protection

Keep your servers running when the power goes out - and/or protect your systems from damage when surges and dips in power happen


Enhance your computer, laptop server or networks by upgrading to add new features, improve performance and extend the lifespan of your investment.



Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Secure remote access to your networks and services. Using IPSec, PPTP or SSL and Browser Based technologies to meet your needs

Virtual Desktops

Using our Agility Desktop Service for "all in one" service or custom installations to work alongside your existing network

Virtual Servers

Using cloud systems to host your servers - Windows or Linux, giving you the capability to upgrade and run multiple systems without the cost and headache.

Virus Protection

With software products to provide protection for your desktop or laptop, combined with our Screening Services for comprehensive Internet-level safeguards for your e-mail


...or Voice over IP - essentially using Internet and Network technology to provide phone services. We provide help and management of VOIP systems as well as offer our Agility Voice service.

Vpower Server Systems

Our virtual server systems - available in self-managed or fully managed options. Can include Windows or Linux, SQL, Exchange and Sharepoint.



WAN Connectivity

Internet Access or Office to Office Connections using Broadband, Leased Lines and EFM

Web Cams

Simple cameras for your computer to allow internet video calls or more complicated cameras for security or to allow people to view your attractions

Web Content Filtering

Prevent access to undesirable sites or limit access to services like facebook to manage your business internet connection

Web Development

With a choice of wordpress powered hosting, our budget we-build, you maintain service or more complicated bespoke web site development services

Web Files Cloud Storage

Store your data on our hosted cloud systems and make access to it simple - from your PC, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet device, including iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Webmail Access

Our Agility Mail Service offers you an ideal "Web Mail" service so you can check your email, calendar and contacts wherever you are

Web Site Hosting

With Windows and Linux Packages available to put your web site online in no time


Wireless Internet Access - for your office or public internet access (hotspot) services.

Windows Licensing

Licensing and Upgrading your Windows Licenses for Desktops, Laptops and Servers

Windows Support

Help with Windows Issues - for your computer or servers - using Ad-Hoc, Pre-Paid or Committed Support services. From Windows 98 to Windows 8 - and everything in between

Wireless Networking

Wi-Fi Services for your business - including troubleshooting or new supply. Includes both Public Access Hotspots and Large Scale deployments. We also help with difficult to cover installations.

Wordpress Hosting

Using our Linux Hosting Packages you can enjoy "one click" installation and use of Wordpress - the most popular Web Site Blog software available.



XP (Windows) Support

Help with Windows problems - for your XP Computer (Home or Pro editions)





Zero Cost IT Audit

Our free online audit service for Small Businesses - get an idea on how your IT is doing



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