IT Skills and Training

What is it?

You've got the kit… now do you know how to make the most of it?  Here at VPW, we believe in making sure you understand all your IT assets, so they become just that – assets that help you do more every day. We can reveal the power of existing technology, and when you invest in something new, we'll provide training as a matter of course. From one-to-one, informal lessons on specific topics to structured seminars, we can help you make the most of your technology by training your team to use it properly.

Following a PC upgrade which included new software we needed some general training to get us used to the new layout and systems. VPW were able to help by offering a one on one bespoke training session


What training can you have?

  • One to One help using new software or getting more from existing systems
  • Upskill training to enhance existing knowledge and better use systems
  • Group training on many aspects of IT - from software to network systems
  • Tailored Training - working with you to understand your normal tasks and showing you how technology can make it faster, easier and less hassle


One Off and One-to-One Tutoring

Need to learn how to do a mail merge? Want to know how to set up a simple database in Access or more efficiently use Excel to produce monthly reports for the boss? Whether you need to know how to change printer cartridges (you needn't feel silly asking – you won't be the first!) or want to gain advanced skills in systems admin.

We don't charge exhorbitant fees to give you a 10 times over rehashed version of some training guide - sure we have some standard parts we use, but we try and tailor the training for each group.

Structured Group Sessions (for your team)

Perhaps you've installed new software and want to get a group of colleagues up to speed quickly? Or maybe you just want to brush up everyone's Excel skills? Whatever the issue, we can help. It's a great way of realising the potential of your IT investments – after all, there's not much point investing in the very latest version of MS Office, Sage or other SharePoint if nobody knows how to exploit the benefits

Next Steps?

Give our team a call on 01392 950 950 and we'll help you get the most from your IT through training.

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