Specialist Software - Line of Business

What can we help with?

Helping you find the right software to suit a specialist need. Perhaps you run a theatre and need a Ticket Booking, Reservation and Collection system. Maybe you run a warehouse and need tools to help you manage your stock inventory. Supposing you run a Sports Centre and need tools to manage your memberships, payments, facilities and renewals. Specialist "Line of Business" applications and systems can do just this, and make IT easier for you.

Why choose us?

  • Responsive Team that get to understand your business requirements
  • Long history of providing line of business systems and implementing them - then providing ongoing support
  • Ability to integrate or extend functionality using our other services where this makes sense for your needs
  • No buck passing - we're happy to be the only point of contact and take responsibility for deployment and support
  • We understand the challenges faced by smaller businesses in deploying "enterprise" software and systems

A few examples...

Here are a few things we've done before...

We can...

Next steps?

Give us a call and discuss your needs - we can supply all sorts of normal and specialist software products - so we're sure to be able to help you too. We're on 01392 950 950.



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