Agility Cloud Voice

What is it?

This clever internet-based (VoIP) phone system lets you make incredibly cost-effective phone calls – whilst benefiting from a huge range of extra features including conference calling, even more complex call centre functions like call routing and remote answerphone. It's more flexible than a traditional (landline) phone, and grows with your business.

Whether you're just starting out and need an affordable, professional solution or your business is expanding to need a call handling system, Agility Voice is the affordable answer.

I've cut my phone bill substantially – it's great. And when I'm out on call, I simply reroute my calls to my accounts lady, who transfers anything really urgent to my mobile


What does it do for you?

  • Gives you more for your money – get big-business features plus low call costs, all for less than you'd spend on traditional phone systems
  • Great value calls – no 'connection' charges for standard calls and other hidden costs
  • Grows with you – add extensions as your business expands
  • Works across multiple sites – ideal if you have homeworkers, multiple offices or warehouses

Want more information?

Read the next page to find out more about Agility Mail, including:

  • Who can benefit from Agility Voice
  • What options, services and features are available
  • How much the service costs

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Want to buy Agility Voice or speak to us about it?

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