Web Hosting (Windows and Linux)

What is it?

Web, or website, hosting is what you need to put a website online on the internet – it's the ‘space' where your website lives. Usually hosting is linked to your domain name (url). Once you have secured your domain name, our hosting packages can support professional company e-mail addresses, such as (yourname@yourdomain.co.uk). It works perfectly with services like Agility Mail. We offer different kinds of hosting to suit different websites – Windows-based and self-service Linux-based – and our packages can scale up and down to suit you.

VPW were recommended to me by a friend and I have returned to them time and time again to host my websites. I have always been impressed with their professionalism and efficiency - no matter what I throw at them!


What does it do for you?

  • Offers a fast, fuss-free hosting solution – get your business online with minimal fuss and hassle
  • Affordable, planned cost – from £40 per year with both Windows or Linux
  • Gives the impression you're a professional business – build your online identity
  • Opens the door to eCommerce – with hosting you're closer to trading online
  • Works perfectly with off-the-shelf tools – such as Wordpress for Blogs
  • Can be a self-supported option or a managed service – whichever suits you


Which types of hosting are available?

There are 2 main "types" of Hosting available:

Linux Hosting

This is ideal for you if you're planning to use software such as WordPress, or have a web site using scripting languages such as PHP or mySQL. All of our Linux Hosting Packages come with cPanel access so you can self-administer your account. There are 3 ranges of Linux Packages:

Windows Hosting

This type of hosting is perfect for companies using technologies such as .net or Microsoft SQL Server - they're also perfect for simple web sites where you want minimal functionality and just simple, no fuss hosting. We offer 2 main types of Windows Hosting:


Next steps?

You can choose a package from the ranges above or call us on 01392 950 950 to discuss your needs or if you have any questions. Our team is here to help you find the right package to suit you.


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