Domain Names

What is it?

A domain name is, in the simplest sense the name you reserve (rent) that identifies your business online. For example, if your business was selling Widgets in Devon you might register and have e-mail addresses like - in this case "" is your domain name.

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Buying a domain name has helped improve the professional look of my business - people treat me more seriously since I have an e-mail address and web site on a domain and not just using a free hotmail account.


Why buy a Domain Name?

  • Give yourself a professional identity online - make it easier for people to find and remember you online
  • Be free of your broadband provider - since your e-mail and domain are yours you can move provider if you need to at any time - your e-mail is unaffected
  • Create sites for special products - you can have domain names for many purposes - so key products could have a unique domain name and web site
  • Protect your brand - if you've spent years creating a brand identity, reserve the brand by buying all of the domain names that relate to it
  • Make it harder to be impersonated - by using your domain name with e-mail and web hosting rather than "free" providers or "home" e-mail accounts

How much does it cost?

Domain Names start from under £10 for a 2 year registration for some types - for example domain names. Our team can advise on the costs and requirements for all kinds of domain names, so speak to us today to find out how you can get your brand identity online today.

What domain names can I buy?

There are hundreds of types of domain, from the common names ending in or .com to European domains ending .eu, Adult specialist domains ending in .xxx and even domains for special types of use or countries. If you want to know more about these names, contact our team on 01392 950 950 and we'll explain what you can do.

Most common domain names are "freely available" to register (as long as nobody else already has it of course), but some types - for example or have restrictions on who can buy them. We'll help you find the right domain name(s) for your needs.

Why use VPW for Domain Name Registrations?

We offer a number of protections to ensure your domain name is not stolen, such as our Brand Protection, Domain Privacy Controls, our Human Authentication process for transfers and much more. Plus for domain names ending in .uk run by Nominet, we're a ACCREDITED Registrar which gives us the best level of flexibility having demonstrated our approach to Domain Name Standards and Compliance.

What are the rules on names and types of Domain Name?

Some domain names are restricted - this means they can only be registered by a person or organisation that matches the criteria required - the requirements and restrictions vary considerably so our team can provide specific guidance on whether any restrictions apply to the type of domain name you're considering.

In addition, registration, transfer or renewal of domain names is normally subject both to VPW Terms and Conditions, but also those of the registry that controls those domain names. Ask our Team for help with this, or see our legal section for commonly asked terms information.

What can I do with my Domain Name once I've bought it?

You can add our E-Mail Packages or Agility Mail to it to use with your e-mail, or buy a Web Hosting Package to take advantage of it for a Web Site.

Can I move an existing domain name to VPW?

Yes - in most cases you certainly can. The process and costs (if any) vary by domain name type. To avoid a complex description, it is best just to give our team a call on 01392 950 950 and we'll help you move your domain name to us with minimum fuss.


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