Remote Access

What is it?

Wouldn't it be good if you could let your team connect remotely - working from home or out on the road. Or how about having a plan so that if the weather is bad (remember the snow in 2010?) your team can still connect and get the job done. This is what Remote Access can give you.

What can Remote Access do?

  • Provide secure access to your office file servers - Word Documents, Spreadsheets and similar files.
  • Offer access to your CRM systems to staff on the go to find information and update contact histories without delay
  • Give key suppliers to access systems they manage or maintain and reduce cost of "call outs" to keep things going
  • Remote working - Work on the go

If you've existing servers...

If you've got an existing infrastructure, we can setup and enable tools that let your team Remote Access your systems.

...and if you haven't

Don't worry if you haven't got existing servers - we can either provide those extra features too, or you can look at our other services which include Remote Access such as our Agility Desktop service.

What does it cost?

It depends what you need and what existing systems you already have. Our team can give you guidance and help in finding the right value for money option to enable Remote Access in your business. Call us today on 01392 950 950.

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Remote Access